Front-end Development


Learn how to create modern and functional websites. After your training, start immediately as a junior front-end developer, website builder or continue learning more advanced skills.

Practical Information

  • 120 hours

  • Certificate

  • No prior education required

  • Daily classes, unlimited support

  • € 450 for 1 daily month guidance

Our teachers

Nuri Bayram


Dan Dobos


Karen Acosta


Sotiris Karapo



Front-end Development?

There are 2,500 new vacancies for front-end developers every month.

You learn to develop modern, fast and user-friendly websites.

You learn essential programming skills with which you can easily develop further.

The Codemasters Method

Codemasters uses a unique teaching method and has its own online and ofline academy. The most important thing is that you get the information you need at the time you need it.


Every day there are live lessons that you can join and every week there are several question hours where the teachers will answer your questions.

Together with your
fellow students

We believe in peer-to-peer learning, because you also learn a lot by helping others. You are in constant contact with your fellow students via Slack.

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At your own time
and pace

At CodeMasters Academy you can immediately start the training and you can study whenever you want. Each training has a mapped out learning path with modules.


Remote; so at
any location

Remote teaching with us goes a lot further than just a video connection, so you no longer have to sit in a classroom.

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Trusted by industry leaders, loved by users

How do you learn?

The training consists of different modules, so you can do a bit at any time. We do a weekly test and support you with the things you missed.

Live contact moments with teachers and fellow students daily.

In addition, it is mainly a lot of practice! By putting the theory into practice yourself, you will master your skills and achieve the best results.



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"Web development is like building houses. HTML is the foundation, CSS the format and JavaScript the electricity."

Philip Ariyama

Front-end Developer

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Front-end Development

120 hours


No prior education required

REAL teachers, daily live lessons

120 hours

€ 450