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Invest in your future? Learn to program! Get started as a programmer or discover how you can work more efficiently with the help of code, low code and no-code tools.

The Codemasters Method

Codemasters uses a unique teaching method and has its own online and ofline academy. The most important thing is that you get the information you need at the time you need it.


Every day there are live lessons that you can join and every week there are several question hours where the teachers will answer your questions.

At your own time
and pace

At CodeMasters Academy you can immediately start the training and you can study whenever you want. Each training has a mapped out learning path with modules.

Together with your
fellow students

We believe in peer-to-peer learning, because you also learn a lot by helping others. You are in constant contact with your fellow students via Slack.

Remote; so at
any location

Remote teaching with us goes a lot further than just a video connection, so you no longer have to sit in a classroom.

Trusted by industry leaders, loved by users

Front-end Development

Learn how to create modern and functional websites. After your training, start immediately as a junior front-end developer or continue learning.

120 hours


No prior education required

Internship after 3 months

120 hours (4 weeks)

€ 450/m

Full-stack Development

This training is perfect if you want to develop broadly. As a full-stacker you control both front-end and back-end development.

320 hours


No prior education required

Internship after 3 months

320 hours

€ 600/m

Back-end Development

Learn how to create websites, programs, and applications with the most popular programming language of the moment: Javascript. In addition, you will learn database design and infrastructure setups in AWS.

200 hours


No prior education required

Internship after 3 months

200 hours (4 weeks)

€ 600/m

Web Development for Beginners

Discover what web development is and what you can do with it. Ultimately build your own website with HTML and CSS during our hackathon.

36 hours


No prior education required

Direct usable skills

36 hours

€ 295, -

Our courses

I learned from Nuri and was even teaching courses with him, all that in a few great intensive days.


Front-end development

"I learned from Dan, Sotiris and Nuri, great teachers with all their own teaching style and approach"


Website in a day

"Happy I took a chance on this, want expected to learn this quick and find a job so easily after."

Ammar Steker

Website in a day

Who are our students?


Tue 22 december 2020

One hour of code

10:0011:00 am

This webinar is a great way to find out if programming might be right for you!

Wed 23 december 2020

Meet Codemasters

14:003:00 pm

Meet one of our founders, get information about CodeMasters and our courses and ask all your questions.

Image by Red Morley Hewitt

Internships in Amsterdam

After you finish the bootcamp + Challenge successfully, you get the chance to do an internship at Skilltransfers Amsterdam. This means you will be able to work on a real life application with experience developers and putting into practice what you've learned.

This international experience will help you get started and remove the hurdle of finding your 1st job in the Industry.

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